A Guide for Wholesalers: Top 10 Popular Colors for Genuine Leather Handbags in 2024!

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It is advisable to have various colors when stocking up on leather handbags. That’s because different customers have varying tastes. They might even buy the same bag design but in varying colors.

The top colors for genuine leather handbags are black, brown, tan, red, and olive green. These rich shades offer a sophisticated appeal. Other decent shades include charcoal black, loch blue, pillar box red, and Sherwood green. These classic colors complement various outfits and styles. Thus, they are popular choices for leather handbag lovers.

Different handbag colors go with various outfits. Some customers prefer bright colors, and others love dull ones. To ensure you cater to all your retailers’ needs, it is good to stock different colored handbags. This post will provide you with a guide to popular handbag colors.

So, what hues do buyers mostly prefer? Which classic shades continue to be on top in leather handbags? Let’s find out!

What Are Popular Colors for Genuine Leather Handbags?

Deciding on the perfect color of the handbag can be a challenging task. It requires considering factors like market trends, style, and customer preferences.

Here are some popular colors for genuine leather handbags you should consider:

  • Pink
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple

You might even find that a single color has different shades. We will create a list of popular handbag colors to choose from.

Top 10 Popular Colors for Genuine Leather Handbags in 2024

The demand for genuine leather handbags remains steady. Buyers seek timeless elegance, which comes from a perfect color choice.

We will check all popular color options, from bold and vibrant shades to refined neutrals.

1) Cherry Pink

Cherry pink is a popular shade for leather handbags among female consumers. It is a dark shade of pink. Thus, stocking such bags allows you to cater to shoppers seeking a feminine and soft color.

The pink hue pairs well with black, white, and beige outfits. This shade is like a little black dress for handbags since it goes well with everything.

You must offer cherry pink bags to entice buyers with a vibrant, feminine color choice. You can customize them by adding extra chains, buckles, etc.

Why Buyers Love Cherry Pink Leather Handbags:

  • Represents qualities like romance, gentleness, and kindness
  • The freshness of the cherry pink color adds style to any outfit
  • It is a versatile shade suitable for both casual and formal occasions
  • It stands out from more common pinks while still being an undeniably feminine color

2) Mushroom Grey

Imagine a soft, smoky grey that goes with almost anything. That’s mushroom grey! It’s a soft color on a leather handbag.

Mushroom grey handbags tend to sell quickly. It keeps your inventory moving and keeps customers happy. So, this color is a safe bet for retailers as it can appeal to many customers.

You can also customize these bags. The leather will have a grey mushroom color in these bags. Thus, you can offer different hardware finishes like silver, gold, or black.

Why Buyers Love Mushroom Grey Leather Handbags:

  • It goes with almost any outfit color, making it very versatile
  • It looks classy and sophisticated without being boring
  • Perfect for everyday use or dressing up for work or events
  • The grey has warm undertones, so it doesn’t look dull or drab

3) Sage Green

Sage green is a soft, earthy green color. It represents a natural tone on leather handbags. Not too bright or dull.

Sage green is a popular color, attracting customers looking for a stylish upgrade. This shade can appeal to people who love classic styles and want something unique.

This color offers a great base for customization. Consider offering sage green handbags in different leather textures, such as smooth or pebbled.

Why Buyers Love Sage Green Leather Handbags:

  • Relaxing, nature-inspired color that feels calm and refreshing
  • The green has grey undertones, making it a versatile neutral shade
  • Looks stylish yet laidback and easygoing
  • Works for casual everyday use or dressier events

4) Butter Cream

Butter Cream is a soft, warm shade that looks great on leather handbags. This color sits between pale yellow and off-white. Thus, buyers who love a neutral color prefer these handbags.

Importers should take note of butter cream’s rising popularity in leather handbags. This color appeals to consumers seeking a fresh alternative to traditional neutrals.

A leather handbag in this color photographs well for social media. It makes these bags popular among influencers.

Why Buyers Love Butter Cream Leather Handbags:

  • It offers a fresh alternative to traditional neutral colors
  • The creamy tone of the handbag adds style to any outfit
  • This color brings a sense of comfort
  • The light shade of the handbag is perfect for spring and summer, yet it works year-round

5) Coral Orange

Coral orange is a vibrant, pinkish-orange shade. It has a warm, lively tone that pops on leather handbags.

Coral orange bags cater to customers who love a trendy update. This shade becomes popular in spring and summer. So, stock this color to boost sales during those peak times.

You can offer coral orange bags in different textures, like smooth or woven leather. Playing with finishes and textures can make coral orange stand out.

Why Buyers Love Coral Orange Leather Handbags:

  • Fun, energetic color that stands out from typical neutrals
  • It suits many skin tones and brightens up any outfit
  • Reminds summer and tropical vibes

6) Sky Blue

Sky blue is a soft, pale blue shade that adds quality to leather handbags. It’s an excellent, crisp color. Unlike some seasonal colors, this one works beautifully throughout the year.

Remember, sky blue is a lasting color that consistently attracts customers.

Why Buyers Love Sky Blue Leather Handbags:

  • The soothing yet fresh blue tone that feels clean
  • A shift from typical purse colors like black, brown, red
  • Versatile for dressing up or down – works for casual or formal
  • It reminds people of clear blue skies and open spaces

7) Deep Purple

Deep purple is a rich, luxurious shade that complements leather handbags. It has red undertones, giving it a lush, velvety texture. This particular purple hue has excellent depth and intensity to it.

While it might seem statement-oriented, deep purple pairs well with various other colors. It is a hot color for fashion-forward customers.

You can offer options with detachable straps in different colors or textures.

Why Buyers Love Deep Purple Leather Handbags:

  • Unexpected yet sophisticated color choice that makes a statement
  • Evokes feelings of luxury
  • The vibrant tone dresses up any outfit instantly

8) Avocado Green

Avocado green is a rich, vibrant yellowish-green shade. It has a creamy, velvety look on leather handbags that feels fresh and lively.

Avocado green is a new trend, offering a stylish alternative to basic neutrals. The unique look of this color justifies a higher price point than primary colors.

Why Buyers Love Avocado Green Leather Handbags:

  • A fun pop of color that’s unique from typical greens
  • Unexpected but still relatively neutral tone for a colored bag
  • Energetic vibe that feels cheerful
  • The creamy undertones make it suitable for many skin tones

9) Nutshell Brown

Nutshell brown is a soft, warm, medium-brown shade with subtle reddish undertones. It has an earthy, organic look on leather handbags.

It’s popular among women who prefer classic styles over trendy ones. Since it goes with almost anything, nutshell brown is less likely to go out of fashion. It means you’re less likely to get stuck with unsold inventory.

Why Buyers Love Nutshell Brown Leather Handbags:

  • It is richer and more interesting than a basic tan
  • Versatile color that works for many seasons and occasions
  • It has a vintage, worn-in vibe that looks stylish
  • The reddish tones give it a cozy, inviting feel

10) Rooibos Red

Rooibos red is a warm shade of red that resembles the color of rooibos tea. It has a rustic, autumnal look on leather handbags. This color is a unique alternative to classic black or brown bags.

Because it’s not as common as black or brown, you can command a higher price point due to its exclusivity.

Why Buyers Love Rooibos Red Leather Handbags:

  • It is a bold yet subdued take on red that feels more sophisticated
  • The brown tones make it easier to pull off than bright reds
  • Projects a cozy, comforting vibe perfect for fall/winter
  • Unique color that stands out from essential black/brown bags

The Best Tips for Wholesalers When Choosing Between Handbag Colors

It’s essential to strike a balance between modern and classic colors. Remember, buyer preferences constantly change. So, you must have enough colors to cater to everyone.

1) Offer a diverse range of colors for a leather handbag

Ensure you stock up on various colors of handbags in your store. That will ensure that you are meeting all your customers’ needs.

They choose handbag colors depending on the occasion, outfit, or personality. For this reason, retailers will love to stock a wide range of handbag colors.

2) Monitor buyer preferences and market trends

It is advisable to understand what your customers like and do not like. That is important as it will help any handbag wholesalers when restocking.

They will also know which handbag colors are fast-moving and which ones are not.

You can keep up with market trends to know which new products to introduce. You can monitor these trends through different social media platforms.

3) Strategic inventory management and forecasting

Record keeping is a vital aspect of any thriving business. You must keep up with your stock record to help you with future planning.

An adequately kept inventory will help to monitor customers’ buying patterns. These will help in predicting future sales and orders from customers.

4) Buy from genuine leather handbag suppliers

You can fall victim to fake leather handbag suppliers if you are not keen. That can negatively impact your reputation in the long run. It can also result in the loss of some faithful customers.

This shortcut might even result in more financial losses. You should never be enticed by the cheaper cost of buying a fake leather handbag.

Ensure you buy leather handbags from genuine brands like Mherder. Our bag collection offers a wide range of hues.

Final Thoughts!

To attract many customers, your shop should stock up on different colors of handbags. This way, you can become a one-stop shop for all your customers’ needs.

That will make your shop the first place buyers come to for purchasing. You have to keep up with customers’ preferences and new market trends. It will ensure your competition does not leave you behind.

Last but not least, stock up from a genuine leather handbag supplier. Doing this will guarantee long-term customers.

It’s time to surprise your customers with a diverse color palette in leather handbags. Mherder offers competitive rates on leather bags for businesses interested in bulk orders.

Our minimum order quantity is low so that you can stock the perfect bag collection.

Need help to find the exact shade in leather bags? No problem! Let us know your dream color, and we’ll craft beautiful leather bags that match your vision.

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