Top 10 Leather Bag Manufacturers in the UK

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Choosing the right leather bag manufacturer can be challenging. You need to go beyond the appeal and style. You must consider crucial factors when investing in a leather bag from a UK-based brand. The United Kingdom has a solid reputation for producing leather goods. Most of its leather products are handmade. Also, many leather bags and accessories are made by skilled craftsmen. Their products are accessible to individuals of different age groups and genders. The top UK-based companies selling quality leather bags are as follows;

Position Company Name Year Established Location Employees
1 Cambridge Satchel 2008 Cambridge, England 200+
2 Mherder 2006 Guangzhou, China 201-500
3 Pickett 1988 London, England 50+
4 Noble Macmillan 1980 Kensington, London 10
5 Ettinger 1934 London, UK 50+
6 Osprey London 1980 London, UK 200+
7 Aspinal of London 2001 Selfridges, London 500+
8 Smythson 1887 London, UK 500+
9 Stow London 2013 London, UK 10+
10 Tusting 1875 Northamptonshire, England 50+

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Leather Bag Manufacturer in the UK

Pick a reliable leather bag manufacturer that can understand your preferences. Below are a few qualities you must seek from a UK-based leather bag manufacturer.

1) Experience and Reputation

Look for a leather bag manufacturer with enough production experience. Renowned brands are more likely to have honed their craftsmanship over the years. Thus, it ensures consistent quality when making leather bags. You can read reviews to assess the brand’s reputation in the leather industry.

2) Range of Products

Check the variety of leather bags offered by the manufacturer. A diverse range suggests versatility. It also proves the ability to cater to different styles. You can see if the manufacturer offers classic designs, contemporary styles, or both. It will ensure you find leather bags that match your needs.

3) Customer Service

Customer service is essential when investing in premium leather bags. Check the manufacturer’s promptness and support. A company that values customers and provides help can enhance your buying experience.

4) Pricing and Value of Leather Bags

Leather bags from reputable UK manufacturers may come with a premium price tag. Thus, it’s essential to consider the value proposition. You can look for manufacturers that use high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. It will justify the investment in a durable and long-lasting product.

5) Shipping and Logistics

This factor is essential if you plan to buy from a UK manufacturer while residing elsewhere. Their shipping policies and logistics might pose a challenge. So, evaluate their ability to handle these aspects. Reliable shipping can ensure a seamless buying experience.

Top 10 Leather Bag Manufacturers in the UK

So, let’s discover the best leather bag manufacturers of the UK. We will discuss the brand’s history and product range.

1) Cambridge Satchel


Location Cambridge, England
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2008
No. of employees 200
Main Products Leather products such as bags

Cambridge Satchel is based in Cambridge, England. The company was started by Deane’s mother by making bags to raise school fees and money for Deane’s children. She also wanted to make durable bags for her children. Their bags represent the original Cambridge and Oxford satchel designs for school children. In 2009, their products were featured in Guardian Christmas Gifts. The feature created public recognition and increased the number of orders. Since then, they have made various leather products to explore the broad market. Their products include briefcases, backpacks, and accessories such as wallets of different styles. Thus, the products cater to diverse customer needs and preferences. They offer customization services for customers based on their unique designs and initials.

2) Mherder


Location Guangzhou, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2006
No. of employees 201-500
Main Products Leather Handbags, Leather Purses Shoulder Bags, Leather Bag Tote,  Crossbody Leather Purses, Leather Bag Mens, Leather Bag Belt, Leather backpacks, Leather Laptop Bag, Leather Messenger Bags, Leather Duffle Bags, Leather Wallets, Leather Card Holder, Leather Passport Holders, etc.

Mherder is a professional leather goods manufacturer with 18 years of experience. The company offers a wide range of premium and high-quality leather products. Their skilled designers, material inspectors, and efficient production processes ensure top-notch quality. At the same time, they maintain competitive pricing for their leather goods. Mherder caters to the diverse needs of B2B clients. They offer reliable global shipping, with a 5-7 day delivery time for leather bags. The company offers around 30 days of order completion for customized products. The company offers;

  • Leather bags for men and women
  • Crossbody leather purses
  • Leather accessories
  • Leather handbags

3) Pickett

Pickett is a luxurious leather company founded by Trevor Pickett in 1988. The company has gained enough experience to craft quality leather goods. Their craftsmen produce high-quality handmade products, paying attention to details. Pickett offers a wide range of leather products for men and women. These include briefcases, handbags, luggage scarves, and wallets. The company also offers gift items such as slippers and pashminas. Pickett has a solid social media presence across major social media platforms. Hence, clients can place orders and seek other services, such as consultations. It also has a well-established website that is easy to navigate.

4) Noble Macmillan


Location Kensington, London
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1980
No. of employees 10
Main Products Leather bags, luxury products and accessories

Noble Macmillan is a London-based shop started in the 1980s by Tom Noble and Adam Macmillan. The company has workshops across the UK, Spain, and Italy. Their products are made from the finest leather sourced from Italy, Spain, and Britain. The company specializes in different leather products. Its products include leather handbags, luxury gifts, and accessories. Noble Macmillan has a strong heritage in its designing methods. The company emphasizes on traditional techniques inherited from generations of craftsmanship. They offer personalized and engraving services, creating the finest leather products. Clients who appreciate quality, luxury, and attention to detail prefer their products. They sell on online platforms and selected luxury boutiques and stores in London. The company offers express and standard delivery options within the UK. They also offer international shipping options for clients worldwide.

5) Ettinger


Location London, UK
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1934
No. of employees 50+
Main Products Leather laptop bags, purses, accessories

Gerry Ettinger is the founder of the Ettinger company. He started the company in London in 1934. The company was started as a leather import business in London. It has endured through World War II and developed be a renowned British leather company in the UK. The company has included the tradition of craftsmanship with contemporary designs. It has also developed and established branches in Australia, Asia, South Africa, and the US. Ettinger received a Royal Warrant from the Royal family in 1996. Since then, Robert set the company to become an international business. Their international stores still hold to the crucial UK manufacturing base and designs. Moreover, the company’s products have remained on top due to their quality. Its reputation for luxury products keeps growing in the world market. Ettinger specializes in different kinds of leather products. Some of its products include bags, briefcases, and accessories such as wallets. It also sells other products, such as flasks and wedding gifts. British brands like Bentley, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, and Asprey use their products. Customers can access goods and services through their website and social media platforms.

6) Osprey London


Location London, UK
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1980
No. of employees 200+
Main Products Leather bags, clutches

Osprey London started as an idea in 1980 by Graeme after hand-stitching a leather belt and rented it for £2 a week. The company started as a wholesaler of handcrafted leather belts. They collaborated with leading retailers in the UK to create a market for his products. After a short period, the company started creating full-scale leather bags. Its bags represent a luxurious British style and sell at affordable prices. Skilled craftsmen design the Osprey London products. The company has other branches in the UK, the US, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and India. Besides, their finished products undergo quality checks by professionals. Osprey London has embraced technology by creating an online presence for its brand. As a result, the company has grown and diversified by introducing new products to the market.

7) Aspinal of London


Location Selfridges, London
Type of organization Manufacturer and Retailer
Year Established 2001
No. of employees 500+
Main Products Leather goods and luxury items

In 2001, Iain Burton started Aspinal of London, a luxurious British brand. The company produces superior leather goods and accessories. The company was a supplier of luxury leather accessories to museums and gift shops. Its first store was launched in Selfridges in 2007. In the same year, the company introduced its first leather handbag, the Paris Bag in the market. Since then, the company has launched several stores across the UK and globally. Its leather products are handmade and designed by highly skilled British craftsmanship. The artisans use contemporary designs to create durable products. Its leather products can last for generations due to their durability.

8) Smythson


Location London, UK
Type of organization Manufacturer and Retailer
Year Established 1887
No. of employees 500+
Main Products Leather bags and accessories

In 1887, Frank Smythson started Smythson company in London, UK. The company started as a stationary store. The company represents a rich history for its brand. Smythson company made its first leather bag and a diary in the early 1900s. Since then, the company has been known for producing its classic leather products. Its products range from handbags to fashion accessories and bags. Its excellent reputation and high-quality products earned the company its first Royal warrant. The company has opened stores in the UK, France, and the US. However, customers worldwide can purchase products through their online website. The company also offers customization services.

9) Stow London


Location London, UK
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2013
No. of employees 10+
Main Products Leather bags, crossbody bags, small leather goods

Stow London is among the companies that were recently established. Since then, it has grown to become one of the world’s best companies that produces leather products. Some of its products include bags and accessories. The company was started in England by Carol Lovell in 2013. It has an excellent reputation for producing practical and elegant designs. Their leather goods are made from premium raw materials. It has made their products to enter the world market quickly. Stow London produces products that cater to modern lifestyles. The company also offers personalized options to its clients. Moreover, it has a solid social media presence and a website to sell leather goods. Thus, customers can seek services from anywhere around the world.

10) Tusting


Location Northamptonshire, England
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1875
No. of employees 50+
Main Products Leather bags, tote bags, accessories

Tusting company is also among the oldest leather companies in the UK. The company was started in 1875 by Charles Petit Tusting in Northamptonshire, England. It started as a family business making handmade leather products. The company incorporates its traditional touch of excellence into its products. It has skilled handicraftsmen who apply traditional skills to produce premium leather bags. The company is committed to making sustainable products that last for a long time. Its high-quality products have enabled it to build its reputation worldwide.

Final Thoughts!

The companies mentioned above produce premium leather bags and other goods. These renowned brands have secured the country’s heritage in leather craftsmanship. These manufacturers have something to offer to everyone. Be it a classic briefcase, a chic tote, or a rugged backpack! However, before purchasing the product, it is important to consider the services offered. The customers should also consider the price ranges and quality.

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