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Welcome to Mherder! We specialize in making exquisitebags and small items based on high-quality genuine leather. We provide personalized customized services for B-end customers such as importers, brands, and large Amazon buyers. From design to production, we work closely with customers to create unique genuine leather products to meet different market needs. Free professional design services ensure that every product perfectly presents customers’ customized needs. Our product line is rich and diverse, covering handbags, casual backpacks and exquisite small items to meet various needs. Choose us to create a unique and attractive fashion brand image together.


Mherder brand was founded in 2007, inspired by a touching love story.

Our journey begins with a passion for high-quality genuine leather and a relentless pursuit of innovative design. Each product we meticulously craft is a symphony of inspiration, a perfect blend of craftsmanship and artistic vision.

More than just a company, we are a warm community. Centered around our customers, we explore and grow together with partners such as importers, brands, and Amazon major buyers. Every partner is an indispensable part of our story, and that’s why we provide free professional design services, infusing each collaboration with a unique narrative.

Behind every artisan at Mherder is a member of our extended family. Proudly merging exquisite craftsmanship with premium genuine leather, we present durable and refined products. This is not just a job for us but a sincere love for fashion and quality.

Our dream extends beyond creating exceptional products; it’s about conveying warmth and emotion in every collaboration. In this shared journey of determination, we aspire to be a trusted partner, contributing to the success and achievements we co-write.

Thank you for choosing to walk this profoundly moving journey with us. Let’s join hands, co-create beauty, and ensure each encounter becomes an indelible memory.


Meet our Material Inspectors – not just expert fabric selectors, but guardians of quality. Proficient in various textiles, our fabric quality inspectors meticulously assess each piece through a rigorous testing process, ensuring every fabric meets the highest standards. At Mherder, our Material Inspectors are dedicated to upholding quality, ensuring that every fabric chosen reflects excellence.


At Mherder, our design team is dedicated to crafting fashionable masterpieces in genuine leather – from women’s and men’s bags to crossbody styles and petite accessories. They brimming with creativity, prioritize meticulous detailing, shaping each product with a unique perspective. Gathering inspiration from the latest trends, they infuse distinctive design concepts into every detail.


Our skilled engineer with expertise in crafting and refining, they ensures that every product meets the highest standards of durability and functionality. They seamlessly blend innovation with craftsmanship, incorporating cutting-edge techniques to create leather goods that stand the test of time. At Mherder, our Engineer is committed to engineering excellence, ensuring that each piece reflects our dedication to quality.


Our Product Quality Inspectors with a keen eye for detail, ensure that each product undergoes rigorous quality checks, meeting the highest industry standards. Committed to delivering flawlessness, they guarantee that every piece reflects our dedication to superior craftsmanship and durability. At Mherder, our Inspectors play a pivotal role in upholding our reputation for uncompromising quality, ensuring your every satisfaction.


As the heart of our Guangzhou-based production, Our Leader Mandy has more than 15 years of production experience, infuses every design with a passion for innovation and an eye for detail. Her expertise shapes our collection into a symphony of elegance and functionality. With a commitment to quality, Our leader Mandy ensures that each piece reflects the pinnacle of leather artistry.


Our Co-Founder Jessica, she has a passion for design and a keen eye for trends, Jessica shapes our collection with creativity and elegance. Her commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that each piece is a timeless expression of style and functionality. At our independent site, discover the essence of Jessica’s curation—a fusion of fashion-forward designs and enduring craftsmanship. 


Our sales professionals, seasoned and customer-centric, prioritize tailored solutions. Proficient in listening and understanding customer needs, we are committed to meeting the procurement requirements of diverse B2B clients, including importers, brand owners, wholesalers, and retailers. At Mherder, professional sales extend beyond a job—it’s a mission to provide an exceptional experience. 


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