Top 10 Leather Bag Manufacturers in Italy

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Finding a genuine supplier for leather products is hard. That’s because there are many choices of leather goods suppliers. Besides, there are so many factors to consider when designing leather bags. Be it size, style, price, color, or finish! These options in leather bags can be overwhelming. How can we select the perfect leather bag manufacturer from a specific location? Maybe, from Italy! Italian leather is highly regarded in the luxury fashion industry. Buyers like its elegance and exceptional quality. Its unique craftsmanship and natural style have fascinated clients worldwide for centuries. As an importer, you can partner with a reliable Italian leather bag manufacturer. These Italian leather bag manufacturers offer products that redefine luxury. Let’s explore the winding streets of Italian craftsmanship. Here are the top 10 manufacturers behind the most sought-after leather bags globally.

Position Company Name Year Established Location Employees
1 IL Falsario Leather 2020 Florence, Italy 10+
2 Luxury Leather 2009 Milano, Italy 50+
3 Bertoni 1949 1949 Varese, Italy 200+
4 Bric’s Milano 1952 Milano, Italy 250+
5 Mherder 2006 Guangzhou, China 201-500
6 Romiti Leather 1947 1947 Florence, Italy 500+
7 AJ Leather Factory 2009 Florence, Italy 200+
8 Attavanti 2003 Naples, Italy 50+
9 Grecale Bags 1968 Roma, Italy 500+
10 Tuscany Leather 2004 Pisa, Italy 50+

What Qualities Should You Check in Leather Bag Manufacturers in Italy?

Each leather bag manufacturer has some unique qualities. You must check the pointers below before choosing a supplier.

1) Reputation and Experience

An experienced company can create leather bags of any dimension. Italian leather bag manufacturers pride themselves on their ability to create truly bespoke products. Ensure the manufacturer has the expertise to offer a range of high-quality leather options. You can look for manufacturers that provide a broad spectrum of colors. These include classic neutrals, trendy hues, and custom dyeing options. The manufacturer should also accommodate custom designs, logos, hardware choices, and special features. These reflect the unique brand identity of importers or wholesalers. It includes custom hardware (zippers, buckles, rivets), linings, and stitching styles. Besides, some manufacturers can develop entirely new designs from scratch. Some manufacturers offer prototyping facilities. You get leather bag samples for evaluation before proceeding with bulk production.

2) Leather Quality

Italy has a tradition of world-class tanneries producing the finest leathers. Verify the origin of the leather and if it’s sourced ethically. Italian manufacturers often prioritize locally sourced raw materials. Some of them partner with trusted international suppliers. Check if the manufacturer specializes in leather treatments and finishes. You can also assess the tanning methods to ensure the leather is processed using safe techniques.

3) Craftsmanship

Seek out multi-generational, family-run manufacturers that have honed their leather goods skills over decades. Many still use traditional hand tools and methods passed down through generations. The manufacturer should offer precise stitching with even spacing and no loose threads. Hand-stitched details or machine stitching done by skilled artisans indicates superior bags. Check for burnished or painted edges. They enhance the appeal and durability of the bag. Sloppy or rough edges are indicative of inferior quality.

4) Manufacturing Capabilities

Leading manufacturers handle orders of varying sizes. It can range from small batches to large-scale production runs. You should prefer someone who uses both handcrafted and machine-based methods. This will not affect quality or lead times. Thus, the manufacturer must have modern machinery to produce quality leather bags. You must, therefore, inquire about the manufacturer’s quality assurance protocols. These include inspection checkpoints, testing procedures, and adherence to international standards.

5) Certifications and Compliance

Italian leather bag manufacturers should adhere to industry standards and regulations. You can look for certifications such as ISO 9001 for quality management. There is also a LWG certification for sustainable leather production practices.

6) Pricing of Leather Bags

With Italian leather goods, you generally get what you pay for in quality. The manufacturer should offer different pricing structures, like

  • Direct-from-factory pricing
  • Bundling materials/components
  • Dropshipping

You can evaluate the value offered rather than solely focusing on the lowest price. Thus, you must explore opportunities for negotiation. It is essential for long-term partnerships or bulk orders. You can secure competitive pricing terms while maintaining quality standards.

Top 10 Leather Bag Manufacturers in Italy

Here are the top 10 leather bag manufacturers in Italy. They are renowned for their expertise in leather goods and attention to detail.

1) IL Falsario Leather


Location Florence, Italy
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2020
No. of employees 10+
Main Products Leather bags, leather watch bands, leather accessories

It is an innovative leather goods company from Italy. The company produces limited-edition collections of various leather goods. Its products combine vintage style with avant-garde designs. This company started as the experimental vision of a single artist. But it has become one of the region’s most sought-after luxury labels. The company produces high-quality leather goods, including;

  • Watch bands
  • Laptop bags
  • Custom leather items
  • Wallets

2) Luxury Leather

Location Milano, Italy
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2009
No. of employees 50+
Main Products Leather goods, leather handbags, purses, accessories

Luxury leather is a premier manufacturer that partners with both domestic and global buyers. This company is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship across various leather goods. It offers a vast product collection, from exquisite handbags to accessories. The company’s professional team collaborates closely to refine designs. They source premium materials and finishes. Thus, it is a perfect supplier for fashion brands and stores seeking quality. The company is dedicated to sustain Italian leather craftsmanship at its highest levels. Their stamped ‘Made in Italy’ signature is a seal of the bag quality. Even more, this company also takes private labeling orders. So, you can create your own leather bag brand.

3) Bertoni 1949

Location Varese, Italy
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1949
No. of employees 200+
Main Products Leather handbags, leather purses

The Bertoncina is famous for producing leather bags in a unique shape. The company originated in the 1970s but has been reimagined lately. It has now transformed with chic new colors and styles. Bertoni has been making exquisite leather bags and accessories for over 70 years. Their stylish Bertoncina and other leather goods have become unique statement pieces.

4) Bric’s Milano

Location Milano, Italy
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1952
No. of employees 250+
Main Products Leather accessories, handbags

This iconic brand combines leather craftsmanship with innovative, functional designs. Its experience in making leather goods traces back to 1952. Also, Bric’s has patented ultra-lightweight fabrics like Condura that defy conventional luggage materials. Their signature vita-tanned leather merges vegetable and mineral dye processes. It develops rich hues and vintage look. Bric’s also employs high-tech customization like laser etching into their production facilities.

5) Mherder


Location Guangzhou, China
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2006
No. of employees 201-500
Main Products Leather Handbags, Leather Purses Shoulder Bags, Leather Bag Tote, Crossbody Leather Purses, Leather Bag Mens,  Leather Bag Belt,  Leather backpacks, Leather Laptop Bag, Leather Messenger Bag, Leather Duffle Bag, Leather Wallets, Leather Card Holders, Leather Passport Holder, etc.

Mherder has been a leading leather goods manufacturer crafting genuine leather products since 2006. The company uses the finest Italian and local leather. It also offers eco-friendly recycled and plant-based options. The company’s unique strengths include;

  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Custom designing and rapid sampling services
  • A collaborative approach working closely with clients to meet their unique needs

You can choose from their 3000+ designs or create your personalized line. Efficient shipping makes Mherder the trusted partner for importers seeking premium leather goods.

6) Romiti Leather 1947


Location Florence, Italy
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1947
No. of employees 500+
Main Products Leather bags, briefcases, belts, wallets

Romiti Leather has been synonymous with exceptional quality for over seven decades. This Italian company transforms the finest leathers into beautiful creations. At their workshop, you can find vintage tools and equipment employed by its founders back in 1947. Romiti Leather has a vast collection of leather goods. Be it luxurious handbags, wallets, briefcases, or accessories. Their signature is saddle-stitched seams and hand-stitched edge linings. It is an art carried through multiple generations.

7) AJ Leather Factory

Location Florence, Italy
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2009
No. of employees 200+
Main Products Leather bags, handbags

Aj Leather Factory is a leather goods company located in Florence, Italy. The company has decades of experience making leather products. They specialize in handcrafting high-quality leather clothing, bags, and accessories. Their products are made with premium leather materials with attention to detail. Their designs feature clean, refined lines and styles. You can check their online store to find more details on their collection. The company often updates new leather goods to keep you in touch with the latest trends.

8) Attavanti


Location Naples, Italy
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2003
No. of employees 50+
Main Products Leather bags, business bags, sports bags

Attavanti is an online retailer specializing in high-quality Italian leather goods. Their product range includes stylish handbags, briefcases, and travel accessories. They offer a vast collection of standard and classic designs. Their vast collection caters to discerning customers seeking exquisite and well-crafted leather products. The leather goods are made from premium Italian leather. The company’s online store offers a seamless shopping experience. It allows customers to purchase their leather goods from the comfort of their homes.

9) Grecale bags


Location Roma, Italy
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 1968
No. of employees 500+
Main Products Leather bags, totes, shoulder bags, belts, cosmetic bags

Grecale is an Italian leather goods company founded by Ilaria Martino. Based in Rome, it handcrafts high-quality bags and accessories from fine leather. Grecale offers an online store where customers can purchase their Roman-made products. You get a customization service to create unique pieces tailored to your preferences. You can also buy elegant handbags, briefcases, or accessories from their workshop. Grecale provides well-crafted leather goods that have an Italian touch.

10) Tuscany Leather

Location Pisa, Italy
Type of organization Manufacturer
Year Established 2004
No. of employees 50+
Main Products Leather wallets, bags, handbags, accessories

The Altavilla family founded Tuscany Leather. This company promotes the quality of Tuscan goods on a global scale. Their products are characterized by a unique and modern design. Its credit goes to the region’s renowned craftsmanship and the use of fine materials. The company wants to revive the prestige of small Tuscan businesses. Their efforts have contributed to the global appreciation of Italian-made products. Their website sells various leather products. They also produce unique leather bag designs for men and women.

Final Thoughts!

These are Italy’s top 10 leather bag manufacturers. One truth here is that Italian leather products go beyond material and stitching. Partnering with these manufacturers will be more than a business transaction for importers. Our selected companies will serve as a starting point for you. You can research these companies and make the final decision to buy.

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